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Mamographies for the diagnosis of breast cancer might not help to reduce mortality, according to the British Medical Journal. Danish and Norwegian investigators suggested that of each 2,000 women submitted to such a diagnosis test by images, only one could have overcome the disease, while unnecessary diagnosis possibilities are higher.

The investigations main author, Doctor Karsten Jorgensen, from the Cochrane Nordic Medical Center, said these results support studies made before in countries with national organized programs.

"This is the moment to wonder if the tests had the effect desired in breast cancer mortality," Jorgensen said.

The study shows that in women between 55 and 74 years of age, living in regions where diagnosis programs are made, mortality by breast neoplasias was reduced in 1 percent, and in regions where the programs are not carried out, it was reduced in 2 percent a year.

In women between 35 and 54 years of age, mortality by breast cancer went down 5 percent a year in areas with detection programs, and 6 percent a year in others, during the same period.

Source: PL

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