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The 465 anniversary of the establishment of the Hato San Isidoro de Holguin is a good reason for residents of the city that took its name to ornament the streets, houses, as well as service, education and food facilities, health and cultural centers, parks, roads and the whole environment; thus preparing for the holidays in which everyone will regain forces for new tasks, make new friends and share with family and neighbors.

It is fair to acknowledge work made by those people who deal with the many ways to beautify the surroundings of the old city because joy supports life, in fact it is a devoted song from the heart of those rearranging the city for all of us to celebrate.

Taguabo, the Indian god of rain, has not given us his precious gift these days, but that is no reason for the flowers and plants in parks, flower beds (either in front of our houses or its side), to wither; let us water them a enough for them to live and celebrate life with their color and beauty.

Do not go out to the street in search of moles or spots on the works that benefit everyone, let's do what we have to: clean our little bit, dress up the study or work center and leave the city clean to maintain the well-deserved title of the cleanest city in Cuba.

In the people's council Alcides Pino the sight is different. Some refurbished streets, renewed schools and homes recover attractions, the same as the  April 4 square, in which work will be intensified to give the people another area for  enjoyment.

But the cooperation of all: school children, youths and neighbors will give the work a sense of belonging that requires a facility that arises in the heat of environmental change in the Herd, which is led by society itself.

By: María Julia Guerra and Yanela Ruiz


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