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martha machado
The presence of a Cuban artistic brigade in Haiti may well cast doubts on those unable to recognize the altruism with which the Martha Machado brigade's members work.

The Cuban artists arrived in this capital on March 6, and did not ask for luxury hotels but for a place to set up their tents, the same they took to Cuban places pounded by the 2008 hurricanes.

The brigade, grouping well known artists, settled on a side of an improvised soccer field, where they added some lights for children to play at night.

The group's director, painter Alexis Leyva (Kcho), is aware of his mission's importance in Haiti, though some people might have doubt whether they can communicate with the local audience due to the language barrier.

"We are here by principles. When you do something like this, it hurts more if you choose to leave than not having come," commented Kcho, who plans to incorporate Haitian artists to their performances.

The renowned artist upholds the idea is to "gradually bring other artists, to continue this work. Being here is like attending school, a school for life, to grow up, to be better artists, better men or women, more revolutionary."

"We are all volunteers here, there is no money in between, and that is very important. We are only interested in extending this task and attract more people," he said.

The Cuban cultural delegation is formed by 71 members, including painter Ernesto Rancano, jazz virtuoso Yasek Manzano, Tropazanco group, and popular humorists Omar Franco, Ivan Camejo, Carlos Gonzalvo, and Telo.

Source: PL

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