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The government of Laos ratified its rejection to the US blockade against Cuba, which human rights are violated by Washington despite the world's claim.
President of the National Assembly Thonsing Thammavong considers the blockade to be an "obsolete method" that threatens the human dignity, the development and the sovereignty of Cubans.
The also member of the Political Bureau of the ruling People's Revolutionary Party ratified that Laos will continue to fight for the legitimate interests of Cuba along with other progressive governments.
"It is time for the United States to reconsider its stance, respect the world's claim and start a constructive dialogue that guarantees peace and mutual respect", stated Thonsing when he inaugurated the fifth Asia-Pacific Meeting of Solidarity with Cuba.
Thonsing told Prensa Latina that he admires the Cuban Revolution and its achievements that were reached despite the 50 years of US aggressions.
Thonsing highlighted the historic leadership of Fidel Castro, who turned Cuba into a symbol of struggle and a model of solidarity and true help to the developing countries.


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