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dora alonso

Dora Alonso used to assert, with special emphasis when she was surrounded by friends, like she also qualified her readers that in her culture flourished, like substance and nutritious, the wealth of popular traditions, even of that kind of myths and religiosity she drank in her childhood, when the upbringing of that girl was fed by a black woman who was her nanny.

There, in those roots it’s the answer to the universe of her fables and, mainly, of that Cuban identity savored in everything she wrote, beyond the differences of genre or ways of expressions, regardless of her production was aimed at journalistic ends, from the nature of the chronicle, for the radio and television, horizon that had in Dora one of the greatest exponents, like when she had a tendency towards what’s called "the belle letters", that is, her literary work.

Another woman of vehement nature and popular roots, while very cultured, as it was the missing Excilia Saldaña, when exploring in Alonso's creation, pointed out: "Heiress of two cultures - Spain, in the language. Africa, in the mystery and legend -. Dora takes of them both that wisdom in telling that only has the people. And to the people, her homeland, to this mulatto archipelago, she returns what she learned in her Antillean space: the growth of light, the subtle height, the humorous hyperbole, the rush that becomes synthesis… ".

In 2010, and as the calendar thins out until December 22, will be closed the cycle of homage to the centennial of her birthday, but in this March, month in which at world level women are congratulated, we also take our time to evoke Dora whose bodily absence took place on March 21, 2001, although her work transcended her, became some sort of fairy godmother, while were spread (following her will) her ashes through the Valley of Viñales, emblematic scenario of her affections and emotions and that she transformed into a character of her novelette "The Valley of the Pajara pinta ", with which she won the second Prize Casa de las Americas.

Free from adorns and hermeticism, from the source of orality, was born the word in Dora Alonso, as expression, of the other one, from the intrinsic need of communication and the dialogue which is always explicit in her poetic as artist, and she is even when she testifies Giron Beach battle in the pages of "Bohemia" magazine, like when that woman gathers her chronicles of war correspondent in her book "The Year 61."

For that reason, in this year which is lawfully and creative hers, we also approach that writing that had abundant space, while she fought with the owners of the soapworts that tried to minimize her work and disqualify the listeners of their radio novels.

Her word drifted among seagulls through the white sands of her dear Varadero, with origins in Matanzas like she had which was rural singing between the dreamers and fables and that simply wrote from the heart, with the same knowledge of her ancestors, either in the work of her narrative, in novel and stories, for adults, like that infinite treasure poured in everything she wrote for children, with loving commitment, among the mischiefs of Pelusin del Monte, of Guille, following the indelible prints of the blue driver.

By: Ignacio M. Doubrechatt


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