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marcha espana

About 400 people staged a rally in front of the Cuban embassy in Spain, condemning a recent anti-Cuban resolution by the European Parliament and the fierce media campaign unleashed against the Caribbean island.

Under the motto "Cuba is not alone," hundreds of supporters from 30 political and youth organizations in solidarity with the island's Revolution met Thursday night in front of the diplomatic mission to support the Caribbean country.

The call of this demonstration contrasted with another one held an hour and a half before in front of the same place by a group of counterrevolutionaries, who did not achieve drawing together more than 20 people, Prensa Latina reported.

Solidarity groups criticized the new escalation of political interferences and strict crusade against Cuba, arranged by media to the capital's service, participants denounced in a manifesto read at the end of the rally.

The objective of the campaign, led from the United States after the lamentable death of a common prisoner used for those who want to destroy the Cuban Revolution's achievements, is to take the savage capitalism back to this brother, blocked and besiege people, the document states.


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