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The leadership of the Russian Society of Friendship with Cuba supported the statement issued on Friday by the Cuban parliament against the Western media campaign about the death of a prisoner on the island.

During that organization's annual meeting held in this capital, its executive voted in favor of the National People's Assembly complaint on a sentence approved by the European Parliament (EP) on the island.

Washington and Europe do not know how to look to their own actions and they do not learn the lesson, after having committed for years the same mistake of insisting on aggressive policy against Cuba, president of the friendship Vadim Sayushev society told Prensa Latina.

The Cuban parliament statement stresses this time the pretext used was the death of a prisoner, punished first by common crime and then manipulated by American interests and the mercenaries in their service.

The inmate voluntarily refused to eat despite the warnings and the intervention of Cuban medical specialists, the document affirmed.

Many children's lives have been lost in poor nations by the decision of the rich countries represented in the EP, for not keeping its commitments to help the development, denounced the text.

All of them it was a massive death sentence but they chose to preserve levels of extravagance and ostentatious of a suicidal consumerism, stated the Cuban parliament's report.

On Thursday the Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Alexander Nesterenko, condemned the attempts to manipulate and coerce other nations with human rights issue and rejected the application of double standards policies.

Source: PL

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