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Cuba reiterated its call to international community against famine and highlighted the importance of the right to food, on a speech in this capital during the 13th session of the UN Human Rights Commission (HRC).

  On behalf of the Cuban delegation, diplomat Juan Quintanilla referred to the issue of food and housing in the context of debates of the UN HRC, to be held until March 26.

"Collaboration on food matter should be an international community's responsibility, and particularly industrialized countries, which have been the most benefited ones of the current unfair world order," Quintanilla stated.

The diplomat said the Cuban delegation will present a bill about the right to food in the Council. It will analyze required responses to enormous challenges expressed on the issue.

About the chapter on the right to an adequate house, according to the report presented by the Special Rapporteur, the Caribbean island's representative noted that lamentably, he has no more comprehensive approach of a very sensible problem.

Quintanilla requested the rapporteur to reflect about the role international cooperation should play, included financial assistance, in the strengthening of the States capacity to guarantee the right to an honorary home.

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