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The International Monetary Fund (IMF) admitted a prevailing uncertainty about economic recovery, as the world has been hit by a strong crisis of bleak prospects.

  IMF Adviser for the Western Hemisphere Andy Wolfe, who is attending an internationalist meeting of economists in Cuba, expressed on Thursday his reservations on whether the world economy will be able to emerge from the hole.

During a debate on whether crisis was prevented in Latin America and what comes next, the IMF expert wondered if there will be growth or other recession.

In his opinion, the so-called emerging economies are those recovering better from recession, while developed economies are doing it more slowly, including the United States, where many people are trying to predict the end of the crisis.

Wolfe warned of the risks of a relapse in 2011, with a slightly better situation for Latin America and the Caribbean compared to other critical times.

Right now, the essence is that for the most developed economies there is no sign of a true reactivation and of whether they will need more government stimulus to go on, he said.


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