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The soviet film industry is true art and not vulgar merchandise, Cuban Culture Minister Abel Prieto affirmed.

  Prieto highlighted the profound impact Russian and Soviet film exhibits have had in Cuba in the framework of the 19th International Book Fair, opened yesterday for the public in Cuba's eastern provinces.

He also praised the literature from that European country printed by Cuban publishing houses, and called exceptional film versions of literary works such as Crime and Punishment.

Cubans all over the country have reencountered with the Soviet cinema many enjoyed and learned to love some years ago, despite the invasion of mediocre films in the last years, the minister stated.

Abel Prieto today attended the homage local authorities paid to Cuban academic Reynaldo Gonzalez, 2003 National Literature Prize winner, who was conferred the status of Guest of Honor of the eastern city of Camaguey.

The Cuban minister also toured several facilities of the fair, where he corroborated the mass attendance to different book stands.

He finally foretold success of the Fair, which will close on March 7 in the Cuban east.


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