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The UN Human Rights Council (HRC) is holding the third and last top-level segment of its 13th session on Wednesday, with speeches and debates about urgent issues.

The heart-rending consequences of the earthquakes occurred in Haiti and recently in Chile have aroused the forum's interest, shown in statements of solidarity and more UN promises to support the those countries' people.

"Obviously, our main concern is to preserve human lives and the welfares of Haitians and Chileans insofar as possible, and also protection of their fundamental rights," UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Navy Pillay stated.

Cuba, which has given substantial medical support to Haiti for over 10 years and sent a health professional contingent to Chile, will take the opportunity in the Council to present its experience at Geneva's Palace of Nations.

The UN authority also analyzed the dangerous consequences of the world economic and financial crisis to poor countries, particularly to children, and its impact on full compliance with human rights within the international community.

Another point already discussed, but surely to be analyzed in this session is a draft resolution to condemn the Israeli belligerent attitude against occupied Palestinian and Arab territories.

The HRC is composed of 47 countries, and the current mandates  for Latin American and the Caribbean are distributed as follow: Argentina (until 2011), Bolivia (2010), Brazil (2011), Chile (2011), Cuba (2012), Mexico (2012), Nicaragua (2010) and Uruguay (2012).

The Universal Periodical Review, in the phase of adoption of reports from the Dominican Republic and Costa Rica, within a group of 17 countries, will take place during the third week of the HRC meeting to be developed until March 26.

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