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The Morón Fingerlings Unit has just started its yearly production. The season will last until December. This unit contributes to the reproduction of tilapia, catfish and other fresh water species for human consumption.

This year the Fingerlings Unit should produce some 17,4 individuals that will be later planted in cages and farms situated in lagoons La Leche and La Redonda and other sites like Las Margaritas, Gaspar and the Liberación of Florencia Hydraulic Complex.

Since February 15 the reproduction banks were set to receive the larvae of different species. Some species like the tilapia are supposed to start with some 0, 01 grams and then increase its weight to 6 during a period of intensive raise with industrial fodder.

Last year the Unit obtained 73 tons of claria, by means of intensive raise in ponds during eight months, which production was sold to specialized centers and industries, being the prices adjusted to the commercial size and quality of the individuals.

For this first cycle, there are over 12 million larvae per species, which are put in the reproduction banks to control their weight and feeding process every ten days until the individuals reach the convenient size.

The alternate use of soil ponds and cement pools from February to March and then from March to February, favors the production of fingerlings all year round; however, since 2009 the number of hectares devoted to growing was considerably reduced due to the decrease in water supply, which affected the planting of tilapias in cages and lagoons.

The Morón Fingerlings Unit has 50, 8 hectares devoted the intensive raise of claria, the production of individuals and the crossbreeding of species from Thailand and Brazil to obtain new male individuals with better growing capacity by means of the minimum consumption of fodder.


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