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The works to turn Calle Maceo into a boulevard, a project included in the Management Plan for the area declared World Heritage Site, will start next March 1st in this capital.

They are intended to substantially improve the aesthetics and functions of the formerly known as Calle de los Mercaderes (Merchants Street), as it holds a notorious trade activity since the beginning of the 18th Century. The major investor of the project is Camagüey City Historian Office (OHCC).

Teresa Pascual, manager of the Historian Office Master Plan, asserted to Cuban News Agency that the initial phase, calculated to last four months, will comprise one of the two blocks that make this popular street: the one between Plaza Maceo and Calle General Gómez.

The works will eliminate sidewalks and level the whole surface of the street; electrical wires and additional nets will go underground.

The implementation of the project also include the remodeling of the façades of  several buildings, among them Coppelia cream parlor, the enhancement of street maintenance services, the reassignment of the functions of a number of business, as well as the installation of solar panels and ornamental vegetation. The whole space will be transformed into an authentic pedestrian street.

Several organizations will also participate in the works, which will also have impact in the squares located at both ends of the street and the park nearby.

Source: Adelante Online

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