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elecciones candidatos
Cubans continued exercising their constitutional right to appoint candidates directly for elections, to be held in April.

Electoral district assemblies are taken place in the country at night. Attendants decide which neighbors have the best qualities to carry out the charge of People's Power District Delegate.

The Cuban Constitution approved by national referendum on February 24, 1976, guarantees the right to every citizen to name for candidate in the electoral district assemblies the ones that can represent them in the different government levels.

They will face directly with the people, the needs and social problems in their territory.

Elections take place without the intervention of any political party or social organization. That ´s what makes special Cuba's electoral system which is based on people's participation.

The appointed candidates after obtaining 50 percent of acceptance in the electoral district assemblies will take part in elections on April 25 without displaying a political campaign, but supported by their personal merits.

The present stage of the election process will be until March 24. Thousands of candidates will be submitted again to the judgment of the people, which will vote directly.

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