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Vertientes, located in the central-southern region of Camagüey province, is the second largest municipality of Cuba (2004.67 km2).

Its vast geography blossoms despite the largest blockade known by humanity imposed to Cuba by many US governments; a global economic crisis that hardens such blockade and the wounds left behind by hurricanes.

In spite of the several economic shortenings, Vertientes ended 2009 with very positive results regarding trade, mostly because of the 34 000 tons of rice, a product that is forecast to raise its production in 2010, a strategy followed nation wide to substitute imports.


Rice production will surpass the 40 000 tons this year considering the introduction of new machinery and equipment acquired through a treaty signed within the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of the Americas (ALBA); meanwhile the soil hectares devoted to plant vegetables, groceries and fruits will double as well.

There are also projects to increase milk and beef production to substitute powder milk import and to provide the tourist industry.

Last year, cooperative farm “Batalla de las Guásimas” attained a million milk litters; this year farmers plan to achieve even better results.

Panama Sugar Enterprise, also from the territory, has guaranteed the total of sugar cane necessary for its neighbor Batalla de las Guásimas as well as 2 778 additional hectares which represent some 10 million more arrobas of raw material to mill.

The people of Vertientes are decided not only to recover their agriculture industry, but also to develop medical and gastronomic services as well as education standards and to recuperate important scenarios regarding Culture and Sports in the nation.

Source: Adelante Online

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