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The fifty anniversary of the Cuban program of school libraries is marked in Sancti Spiritus with different activities aimed at revitalizing their role of information providers both for students and professors.

When interviewed by Escambray, Aurelia Massip Acosta, consultant for educational information system in this territory, praised the commitment of the school libraries’ staff, present in all of the nearly 500 schools of the territory.

She said that several workshops have been scheduled in which the exchange of experiences and the use of participatory techniques lead to the solution of problems.

“We have called on some expert teachers as well as educational officials and people who run the Jose Marti program here to join the workshops because the task cannot only be circunscribed to provide students with the necessary textbooks for their every
day lessons”, added Massip.

Fifty years after the foundation of this program, created as an essential task of the Revolution, students continue to benefit from the books in all school libraries in the territory.  

Source: Escambray

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