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The Hermanos Loynaz Center for the Promotion and Development of Literature will present new books like Brújula Rota by Jorge Luis Mena, 30 de Noviembre acciones en Pinar del Río by Manuel Alvarez Trujillo and Pedro Linares Ramos, Voces en el tiempo
by Georgina Leyva Pagán, Tercer testamento by Fidel Villaverde, Versos by Dulce M. Loynaz, and Ronda a la Ronda by José Raúl Fraguela, among others that will flood the four usual stands.

Several activities for the population will take place during the fair like book presentations at Ateneo bookstore, a Theater Café and a Poets Patio at La Piscuala cultural center, besides a traditional area at the Cuban Association of Artists and Artisans (ACAA) and a Literary Cafe at the Infusions House.

The porch of Milanes Theater will host a concert everyday with artists of the province and guests.

The ACAA will hold from 10:00 to 2.00 p.m, activities dedicated to children, which include cultural performances and drawing contests.

According to Loynaz Publisher, the fair will count on over 200 thousand copies, 1500 titles and more than 450 new books of publishing houses.

The opening will be presided over by Abel Prieto, Minister of Culture and Miguel Barnet, President of the Union of Cuban Artists and Writers (UNEAC), and Sonia Alamer, representative of the Cuban Book Institute.

Source: Guerrillero

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