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Russia is preparing to develop full cooperation relations with Latin America and the Caribbean, President Dmitri Medvedev stated in his meeting on Tuesday with Guyanese President Bharrat Jagdeo.

We made the strategic decision of revitalizing the links with Latin American countries, as a way to seek balance of forces worldwide, said the Russian president.

To boost the links with the mentioned region could also help solve problems in the world, including those related to climate change, he said.

Medvedev recalled that he visited four Latin American countries in 2009, and delegations from Argentine, Nicaragua, Cuba, Venezuela, Bolivia, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Chile and other Latin American nations visited Russia.

With a population of just 907,000 inhabitants, coasts to the Caribbean Sea and borders with Venezuela and Surinanme, Guyana produces gold, bauxite, sugar, and rice. That country is a member of the Caribbean Community.

Source: Cubasí

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