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France will participate with a stand at the next International Book Fair of Havana with a contribution of over 200 titles donated by the Central Fund for Social Activities (CCAS) of the energy sector.

CCAS Leader Sebastien Viscuso told Prensa Latina this is a modest contribution of art books for children and adolescents which will not be sold, but will be left in the hands of the Alliance Française and other institutions.

"The idea is to make easy for Cubans interested in these topics to have access to more than 300 quality books we acquired with CCAS resources. It's an spontaneous gift for people who pays close attention to culture", he said.

Viscuso explained that after CCAS commission for cultural exchange established contacts with the French embassy in Cuba the presence of the European country in the fair was set, with the hope that in the future its participation will stabilize.

The organization also endeavors for opening spaces for developing nations to display their art in a country like France and on this front Viscuso already has an experience of five years working with Cuba.

"Soon, we are going to bring a Tap group from Cuba and in other occasions we have invited the Mime Theater of Havana, Classic Ballet companies or Afro-Cuban dance groups, but with emphasis on young talents or less known groups," he explained.

As usual, the Book Fair will be held in Havana from February 11 to 24 and then from March 7 it will be moved to all the provinces in the island.

Source: PL

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