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casa premio
The Cuban historian Sergio Guerra Vilaboy has been given the Extraordinary Bicentennial for Spanish American Emancipation Award, dedicated by the Casa de las Americas for the 51st edition of this event for the anniversary, for the essay Jugar con
fuego. Guerra social y utopía en la independencia de América (Playing with fire. Social warfare and utopia in the independence of America).

In the Poetry genre the Argentinean Bruno Di Benedetto won the prize with Crónicas de muertes dudosas (Chronicals of dubious deaths); the Theater Prize was awarded to the Salvadoran Jorgelina Cerritos, for Al otro lado del mar (The other side of the sea); the remarkable writer Nélida Pinenut was the winner of the Brazilian Literature Prize with Aprendiz de Homero (Homer’s apprentice); in Caribbean Literature, in English or Creole, the prize was granted to the poemario Approaching Sabbaths, by Jennifer Rahim, from Trinidad and Tobago.

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