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The Cuban Minister of the Basic Industry, Yadira Garcia, said on Thursday that the implementation of measures to save conventional energy and its efficient exploitation, as well as the increase in the use of renewable sources of energy, are top priorities for the present year.
Garcia explained that it is important to take advantage of alternative sources such as the biomass, a by-product of the sugar industry with a high potential.

Likewise, the member of the Politburo of the Cuban Communist Party insisted on the need to use renewable energy sources such as windmills, solar panels and heaters, and others that are not exploited enough.

She also stressed the important role that grass-root organizations, such as the Committees in Defense of the Revolution (CDRs) and the Cuban Women’s Federation (FMC), play in raising awareness among the people about the need to save energy.

The minister was speaking in a meeting presided over by Commander of the Revolution and Vice President of the councils of State and Ministers, Ramiro Valdes, that was held yesterday in Santiago de Cuba to analyze the energy situation in the eastern region of the country.

Vicente de la O Levy, General Director of the Electric Union, announced that, until January 24, there was a 4.6% reduction in the expected national consumption of energy, which means the saving of 12,300 tons of oil.

Source: ACN

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