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The photo exhibition "83 Reasons", set up in Havana in 2009 as a tribute to Commander in Chief Fidel Castro’s 83rd birthday, will soon be exhibited in Mexico to recall the Cuban leader’s life and work.

The 83 pictures taken by a group of photographers, plus ten snapshots by Mexican Larry Reidor, will be shown at the Galería 10 10 (Gallery 10 10) in Mexico City from January 29th to February 28th.

“It is an honour for Mexico to have this exhibition, which shows us an important part of the world’s history through only one character,” said the general director of the gallery, Normand Bardavird.

Osvaldo Salas Freire, Liborio Noval Barberá, Roberto Salas Merino, Pablo Caballero Cuza and Alex Castro Soto del Valle are considered the five photographers closest to Fidel Castro. Therefore, they have been able to capture significant moments of the Cuban leader’s life since 1959.

Galería 10 10, in coordination with the Jose Marti Cultural Society of Cuba, is sponsoring the exhibition in Mexico, from where the historical leader of the Cuban Revolution departed in 1959 heading a group of revolutionaries aboard the Granma yacht to lead the independence struggle in Cuba against Fulgencio Batista’s tyranny.

Source: ACN

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