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The Office of the Travelling Caribbean Film called today "the filmmakers and audiovisual professionals throughout the region and those who, as part of the Caribbean Diaspora, live all over the world,” upon the solidarity with Haiti in a message released by the ICAIC’s digital Bulletin.

"Today the devastated Port au Prince, the thousands of dead and missing, its millions of residents without homes, without clothes, water, medicine, food, and the lost of beloved relatives, unburied by the undeserved blow and ruthless nature over more humblest of our brothers, are a cry in our awareness in the case of Haiti, a country to define this community of peoples and cultures in the Caribbean, soul and image of our works", says the message.

The Office also noted that "the epic struggle for the independence of this honourable people, was not only political and military achievement but also social, because we cannot forget Haiti’s people was the first to abolish slavery."

"We owe Haiti too much. Its people have paid a high price for their exemplary and early achievement," the statement added.

Source: Cubasí

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