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The Central American and Caribbean Games, Mayagüez 2010, will include the talent of Olga Tañón within the great opening ceremony which will take place on Saturday, July 17 from the new Athletics Central American Stadium and which will be broadcasted to more than 32 countries through WIPR Television.

“From all of the satisfactions I have ever had in my career this is one of the greatest ones, to sing in my home island during the opening ceremony of this sports event is a great honour.

Thank God and all the people who placed this huge responsibility upon myself, you can bet I will do as best as I can,” commented the artist who is already composing a musical theme which will be part of a campaign which is soon to be announced.

“Puerto Rico loves the sport and we all have the responsibility to contribute in whichever way we may, in order that as it has always been, we set an example of hospitality, respect and sports dedication.

I will support the games completely, I am certain, all of the people from Puerto Rico, inside and outside of our island will do the same.” added the artist.

On the other hand, Felipe Pérez Grajales, president of the Mayagüez 2010 Committee, pointed out that Olga Tañón’s participation is a great achievement for the opening ceremony.

“The organizing committee wanted to incorporate Olga Tañón as one of the artists who will be supporting us with their talent, so we feel very pleased to have achieved her participation.

Olga has received this invitation with much enthusiasm and is collaborating, not just with her talent on the opening evening, but also through other actions which will be announced on time,” said Pérez Grajales.

She hopes Cuba will participate

On the other hand, Olga Tañon joined the voices that support Cubas participation in the Central American and Caribbean Games.

“I have always defended with much faith everything I believe, that is why I am using this opportunity to join the call made by the Organizing Committee from the Mayagüez 2010 Games, the Olimpic Committee, the Mayagüez Major, the Government and all of the Puerto Rican people who want to have our sister island of Cuba in these games.

Cuba and Puerto Rico are joined by close bonds and I hope our brothers and sisters from Cuba will be here united to pay tribute to sport, which like music, join and mark the greatnes of the people,” she declared.

Source: Cubadebate and Cubarte

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