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The Centre for Comprehensive Diagnosis George Gauvin, inGrand Goave town, will be reopened by Cuban doctors to provide first aid to earthquake victimsfrom the surrounding areas of the Western Department of the Haitian capital.
This is one of the five CCD completed in Haiti with the joint effort of Cuba and Venezuela out of 10 projected as part of a collaboration program.
CCD Director Dr. Eisy Infante said the earthquake took eight Cuban experts by surprise inside the facility. None of them suffered any injuries though the left wing of the building was damaged.
Immediately after the 7.0 earthquake, people on different health conditions, with minor and serious lesions, broken bones started to reach the hospital looking for help. The patients were assisted on the backyard of the clinic, under a few tents set up for the emergency.
Five days later, the Cuban doctors have treated under extraordinary conditions more than 460 patients, including three childbirths.
Those on more serious conditions and requiring amputation have been transferred to hospitals downtown.
The CCD’s right wing will be reopened soon, while experts on the centre are preparing to lead efforts to educate the people to avoid epidemics as they have concentrated in places where they can protect themselves from the constant aftershocks of the earthquake.

Source: ACN

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