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Adalberto Bravo Carbonell, head of the Cuban Brigade of Education in Haiti, who is recovering from injuries from the quake which struck at Port auPrince, described to ACN the terrible moments he experienced during the earthquake.

”I was sitting in front of the computer when suddenly the keyboard begins to escape from my hands; when I looked up I saw that the wall began to crack and although I never had such an experience I realized I was in the presence of a earthquake.”

“I believe that served me well, he added, the preparation that we have in the field of Cuban civil defense.”

“Immediately I tried to leave the building, but I was on the third floor of the residence, I went down to the second and from a decline in the balcony I jumped on a flowerbed, so it was that I suffered a trauma in my right knee.”

The accident required the head of the Haiti mission of the “Yes I can” literacy program to be returned to Cuba, and that after receiving the required medical care he is recovering, with his family, in Sancti Spiritus, his hometown.

Bravo Carbonell refers that at the beginning he insisted to stay with his 24 colleagues since he hadn’t suffered any major injury, but then he realized the justness of the decision because under the conditions he were he could do little to help to  compensate the damage in Haiti.

"Those circumstances," says, "were very dramatic. The disaster, the injured children without parental protection, on a public street, crying or screaming, and the dead on the pavement was really a doomsday scenario. "

The head of the educational mission returned together with the Cubans Joel Melo Torres and Alina Almeida Rivera who have been treated in accordance with their respective states of health.

But from his home in the city of Sancti Spiritus, Bravo is aware of his team-mates in Port au Prince, who contribute to help palliate the damages caused by the earthquake in the Haitian capital.

Source: ACN

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