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haiti medicos cubanos
Cuban medical personnel continue providing health care in four points in the capital of Haiti and also in several facilities in the outlying areas of the city.

Specialists from Chile, Haiti, Spain and other nations have also joined the efforts to assist the victims of the earthquake that devastated Port-au-Prince earlier this week.

Dr. Carlos Alberto Garcia, coordinator of the Cuban medical brigade in Haiti, said that the Cuban doctors, nurses and other health personnel work day and night, after the critical situation left by the earthquake.

He added that surgery rooms are open 18 hours per day and that health care is also provided in the nearby departments of Aquin, Okay and others.

The Cuban experts are working in the University Hospital in Delmas 33 and also at the Renaissance and Ofatma hospitals.

The situation in the Haitian capital is critical and hundreds of unburied dead bodies remain on the sidewalks and streets, which – according to Dr. Garcia – could complicate the epidemiological situation.

Source: Cuban News Agency

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