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Great uncertainties surround Cuba's participation in the 2010 Central American and Caribbean Games to be hosted in Mayaguez on July 17-August 1.

The situation is even worst due to the fact that Cuba is on the list of terrorist countries issued by the US government, although the presence of the Cuban athletes is expected in Mayaguez.

The Puerto Rican sports authorities have not given up in their efforts to overcome any possible obstacle to allow Cuban participation in the Games.

Cuba is a fundamental part in the Games and we need the collaboration of all those who can help to solve the matters in order to achieve its participation, said former second base Roberto Alomar, who was a victim of one of the most notorious sports
injustices of present times, as he was not selected to be at the US Baseball Hall of Fame this year in spite of his excellent career.

Popular singer Olga Tanon also supported Alomar's decision in order to get Cuba’s participation in the Games.

The efforts of the Puerto Rican Olympic Committee and the Mayaguez 2010 Organizing Committee, which from the very beginning voted for Cuba’s participation in the Games, have been stepped up.

David Bernier, head of the Puerto Rican Olympic Committee, stated that his country is making great efforts to guarantee Cuba’s participation in the Games, although he recognized they are in a critic moment because there’s a possibility that Cuba may decline its presence.

As part of the efforts of the Puerto Rican sports authorities, the executive directors of the Olympic Committee, Mayaguez  Organizing Committee and of Puerto Rican government travelled to Washington to meet with  members of the US  government to
speed up visa procedures for Cuban athletes.

Felipe Perez, head of the Organizing Committee, said to hope that the US government will approve the visa for Cuban athletes and for the Cuban Olympic Committee.

The Puerto Rican solidarity with Cuba is no surprise. It was also present in the initial stage of the 1st World Baseball Classic held in Puerto Rico.

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