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Known as the hot land, this Cuban eastern city, second in size and population in the island, is not used to temperatures below 20 degrees Celsius.

Usually in winter, the morning cold is replaced by higher temperatures during the day, making people do sorts of strip tease as the day grows warmer.

There are many details that colour the cold here. For example, a higher consumption of ice cream by many until the thousand and one clothing combinations, from the most elegant coat to the most humble vest.

For Odalys, young professional making her debut in a new home, she is in the coldest point of the city. She said to have experienced the coldest temperatures of her life.

Meanwhile, painters from 10 countries who share with Cuban artists the making of 15 mural paintings in the 9th International Meeting InterNos (Among US) have given a hearty welcome to the unusual cold weather.

Source: PL

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