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The sustained growth of the vegetation cover and the reduction of the pollution load in Camaguey, stand out among the results of the environmental management in the territory during 2009.

Mayra González Díaz, director of the Environmental Unit of the Provincial Delegation of the Science, Technology and Environment Ministry (CITMA), emphasized that these indicators were reached in spite of events like San Felipe-Los Joberos forest fire, which happened in the first semester of 2009.

At present, this area is recovering from the negative environmental impact and they are working to strengthen the prevention and handling of forest fires.

On the other hand, the reduction of the pollution load relies on a better handling of the waste generated by the pig farms and the work in several entities to reduce the emission of ozone-depleting substances and other toxic compounds.

Nevertheless the pollution decline and the rise of the vegetation cover in Camagüey at the end of last year, the actions of environmental education continue in this territory.


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