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Farmers from Ciego de Ávila province delivered 34 678 tons of vegetables and fruits to the canning industry from January to November, which means not only higher incomes but the replacement of importations.

The figure is the highest during the last 20 years in this territory and it represents a 180 percent of fulfilment of the plan for the term.

Among vegetables delivered, there are 25 thousand tons of tomatos, besides guava, papaya, mango, peppers, corn and others that were processed in the food industry, all these productions needed an intense effort from the workers’ point of view.

Main products elaborated by the Avilanian processing plants are Vita Nuova, sauces, marmalades, pastas, jams, juices, nectars, peppers, tamales, potato and banana pulp for preserves.

The agriculture and the Food Industry at Ciego de Ávila are working together to reduce expenses abroad.


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