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Juan Carlos Cremata’s most recent film is based on National Theatre Award Hector Quintero’s homonym play, which has always had notable successes in its staging in Cuba and the world.

In 90 minutes, El Premio Flaco is co-directed by Iraida Malberti, photography by Oscar M. Valdés, staging by Angélica Salvador and the artistic direction of Guillermo Ramírez Malberti.

Rosa Vasconcelos, Carlos Gonzalvo, Blanca Rosa Blanco, Alina Rodriguez, Luis Alberto Garcia, Osvaldo Doimeadiós, Paula Ali, Omar Franco, Yerlín Perez, Sandy Marquetti, Sara Cabrera, Milton Gonzalez, and Luis Manuel Iglesias are in the leading roles.

As additional attraction, the film music (Amaury Ramírez Alberti) is interpreted by the Camerata Romeu.

Juan Carlos Cremata is graduated from the renowned School of Film and television in San Antonio de los Baños. His first film was Nada, a satire filmed in 2001 with a very positive reception. Later on, his film Viva Cuba, acted by children, achieved more than 40 awards in different world festivals and a large attendance of Cuban public.

Source: Cubasí.cu

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