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As the difficult and tense year of 2009 is coming to an end, this Caribbean island recalls the past twelve months during which Cubans, despite all difficulties, were able to confront the challenges, maintaining the social achievements which have turned the nation into a regional and international point of reference.

The efforts and projects are now focused on 2010, in order to improve the economy in a world full with uncertainty.

At the end of the fourth session of the Seventh Legislature of the Cuban Parliament an assessment was made about the main developments over the past twelve months.

Deputies passed the Economic and Social Guidelines and the State Budget for the coming year, both considered vital tools to face the challenges of the immediate future.

According to Osvaldo Martinez, President of the Committee on Economic Affairs of the Cuban Parliament, Cuba has been struggling against the consequences of the global capitalist crisis, whose impact cannot be avoided because of Cuba's close connections with national economies linked to the global market.

Source: Radio Havana Cuba

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