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A photographic exhibition of the Cuban Revolution leader Fidel Castro and his presence at  the first dinner bunker on December 24 1959, in the yard of Soplillar was opened at the same place yesterday.

The artist Alexis Leyva (Kcho) and the brigade Martha Machado rebuilt the huts of the poor families where Fidel came half a century ago with Celia Sanchez, Antonio Nuñez Jimenez and other revolutionaries to share with the Cienaga´s residents the
December holidays.

As a result of Kcho´s talent, the site around 112 miles southeast of Havana, will remain as a memorial complex site that will evoke to present and future generations the fact, when for the first time ever a head of state had dinner with the most

From now on in La Cienaga de Zapata the residents perform patriotic and cultural activities to commemorate the event including a local history workshop with the statement of coalmen that were close to Fidel and Celia when they began the
transformations there.

In this historic settlement still lives Nemesia Rodriguez Montano, the girl who lost her mother victim of the bombing mercenary in April 1961 and that inspired the world famous Elegy of the white shoes, by the Cuban poet Jesus Orta Ruiz, El Indio Naborí.

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