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A photographic exhibition of the young Avilanian artist Humberto del Río, was opened in the art gallery of the provincial centre, “Raúl Martínez” at Ciego de Ávila.

Viewfinder or Detrás del visor, includes works that light up what we observe to make us aware of daily facts.

The exhibition is composed by more than twenty images made in colour and black and white, among them are views taken in places like Puerto de Manatí, in Las Tunas and in the Hydraulic Complex Liberación de Florencia.

Kanaima Raña Santos, specialist of the mentioned institution, expressed in the catalogue words, that the images have a high psycho dramatic load and are exposed to the public with singular accuracy.

Humberto del Río was born in Ciego de Ávila in 1965; he is photographer, painter and designer and though he loved the image world since his adolescence, it was not until 1993 that he joined the photographic art.


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