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President Raul Castro reiterated on Sunday Cuba' readiness for a respectful dialogue on equal footing with the United States, underlining the people's decision to defend at any price the achievements of the Revolution.

The Cuban leader stressed the Island’s sincere willingness to definitively solve the dispute with the US, while closing the 4th Period of Session of the Cuban Parliament.

If the US Government really wants to advance in relations with Cuba, "I suggest it should leave behind the conditions it tries to impose on our internal order, which is a responsibility of Cubans."

Just one month before completing the first year of its term, he added, the current US administration ignores the calls of the international community and of growing sectors of its country for a change in the policy towards Cuba.

Despite a huge campaign to confuse the world about its apparent willingness to change the bilateral dispute using the repeal of the travel ban for Cuban emigrants and allowing the remittances to their relatives, the truth is the instruments of the  aggressive policy are still intact, he asserted.

The US Government has not given up in its intent to destroy the Revolution and forced a change in our economic and social regime, the Cuban leader denounced.

The enemy, he added, is as active as usual, and evidence of it is the arrest in recent days of a US citizen euphemistically called by State Department’s spokespersons as government’s "contractor".

This person, he said, was illegally supplying sophisticated satellite communication equipment to groups of the so-called civic society they are trying to make up and use against the Cuban people.

Where does this money come from? Raul Castro asked, and answered: "From the Federal Budget that this year includes without  any blush a public appropriation of 55 million dollars to support an alleged democracy, the defence of human rights and the radio and television aggression against Cuba."

These are not the only funds allocated for those purposes; they are only those which are officially reported.

He denounced that in the past months the US Government has unleashed a concerted anti-Cuban campaign with the help of the big media on an alleged growing repression in the country.

For it, they organize and incite their unpatriotic wage-earners to increase their provocative actions on the streets, and even arrange so they are accompanied by the foreign media and diplomats in open defiance and violation of the international law.

"Then, they claim with cynicism that we have retaken a Cold War and anti-US discourse. They attack us and demand from us to stay with our arms crossed," he pointed out.

May these remarks serve as a reply to recent statements by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton about Cuba, stressed Raul Castro.
Source: Prensa Latina

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