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Aiming to give better care is a permanent goal of the Public Health authorities in Santiago de Cuba since this province has 306 persons suffering from this disease, 60 of whom are hospitalized to receive the corresponding peritoneum haemodialysis

There are five institutions qualified for this kind of patient: the Juan Bruno Zayas, the Saturnino Lora Provincial and the Tamara Bunke Children North Hospitals in Santiago de Cuba, and also the Orlando Pantoja Hospital in Contramaestre and the Haemodialysis Unit of Palma Soriano.

These centres have a total of 47 artificial kidneys functioning, and there is a project to deliver 20 more that will widen the treatment to Saturnino Lora facility and to the municipality of San Luis and Celia Sánchez Manduley Health Clinics in the city of Santiago de Cuba. They also have eleven beds for peritoneal dialysis and three for hospitalization services.

Nephropathy patients have a special treatment, every time they need to go to the hospital they are picked up by a taxi and at the end of the treatment they are taken back home for free.

An evidence of the kindly treatment is that most of these patients live in the mountains, during rain falls transportation is impossible; therefore in order to continue the compulsory treatment, they are transferred to the hospital by helicopter,

sometimes to Contramaestre or to Santiago de Cuba City where they are hospitalized in order to guarantee the treatment.

Remodelling centres, construction of cisterns, water treatment plants and furniture refurnishing, are part of the program to improve the treatment for these patients, several government entities are cooperating under the guidance of the Public Health
Direction in the province.


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