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La Mala, (The Bad One-2008) is a joint production between Spain and Puerto Rico, directed by Lilian Rosado González and Pedro Pérez-Rosado.  

She was born in Santiago de Cuba, Lupe Victoria Yoli Raymond (1936-1992), a peculiar singer with a singular style.

At first, she began here in Havana at the start of the 1960´s, while she performed in the La Red Club from Vedado in 19 and L Street.

A long while after, in 1987, when she was already a myth, the moviemaker Pedro Almodóvar paid her a tribute when he incorporated her voice in the background of the final sequence of Mujeres al borde de un ataque de nervios (Women on the verge of a nervous breakdown), while she interpreted Puro Teatro, by Tite Curet Alonso.

This bolero and other ones, especially, ¿Qué te pedí? (What did I ask you?), by Fernando Mulens (1920-1986), are included in the rich soundtrack of La Mala (The Bad One) a drama with the main elements in the genre.

Lena Burke is the main star in the role of Yolanda (In real life, she is the granddaughter of Señora Sentimiento (Miss Feeling).

This girl’s effort will meet a difficult obstacle: the father of the young woman (played by Jorge Perugorría), the typical macho man with many women, but who will try to prevent her daughter from becoming an artist by all means because according to his point of view it a world for prostitutes, gays and lesbians.

The comedy tone will then flow through the speech, whose greatest attraction is based on the use made of the music.

The cast includes known actors such as María Isabel Díaz, Sully Díaz, Dolores Pedro and Vladimir Cruz.

Source: Cubarte

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