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A gradual revitalization of the asphalt plant gives new possibilities to tackle urgent works in the maintenance of roads deteriorated by shortages as a result of the special period or economic crisis.

Up to date, Camagüey has regained several plants which make it possible to save energy since they are close to the main city, savings are mainly focused in the fuel used by transportation devices in order to carry raw materials where needed.

Together with the technical improvements, the living conditions of the working people have been benefited, with the creation of comfortable dormitories and suitable premises for the feeding and the maintenance and repairing of the machinery.

The most recent investment in Camaguey province was materialized in the asphalt plant located in Monte Oscuro, in the municipality of Minas, where its personnel work hard day and night as to refurbish the whole facility in order to produce 25 tons asphalt per hour.

In spite of the economic blockade, people from Camaguey province try and succeed to restore their own towns and villages to be in accordance with the Colonial setting of capital city, widely praised by visitors worldwide.

Source: Radio Cadena Agramonte.

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