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A multimedia CD with over two thousand 670 files and videos made by graduates from the San Antonio de los Baños International Cinema and TV School was exhibited here during the 31 Havana Film Festival.

The CD, with part of 270 works, most of the made by Latin American creators, will be distributed free to institutions and cinema schools of the region, announced its current director, Tanya Valette from Dominican Republic in a press conference at the Havana Festival.

Some of the graduates take part in several competitive and parallel sections of the event.

Referring to the achievements of that teaching centre, founded in 1986, Valette highlighted the meetings with documentary makers and editors held this year, with the presence of important figures, such as the Swedish, Sylvia Ingemarsson, the
German Juliane Lorenz and the British Larry Sider.

Among the future projects she mentioned the opening of the Ser un ser humano (To be a human being), a documentary series that will join together six great cinema schools from the five continents, supported by the Australian Russell Porter.

In opinion of the students from over 50 countries, studying in Cuba, the school has become a meeting point where people learn to build identities, to be better persons and respect diversity.

The EICTV (Spanish initials for, International Cinema and TV School) is about to become thirty years old and is considered one of the most important institution of its kind in the world.

Source: Cubarte

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