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The opening session took place on Tuesday, and professors from Cuba, Spain, Colombia and Argentina showed the latest advances in surgical methods for complex renal lithiasis by way of open and minimum access surgeries.

The President of Australia’s Kind Cuts for Kids Foundation,Dr. Paddy Dewan, said he has witnessed the great reputation Cuba enjoys in the world due to its medical education.
A professor and surgeon in pediatric urology and with great experience in surgery of complex congenital malformations,  told ACN that he has visited the island on seven occasions and has performed 89 surgeries with doctors from Havana’s William Soler
Pediatric Hospital, with notable results.

A participant in the 2009 Urology Congress underway in the Cuban capital, Dewan expressed his satisfaction for this Exchange with Cuban specialists, from which they can learn and whom they can teach, since they have jointly developed useful ideas for
the rest of the world.
"I consider Cuba as my second home”, stressed the Australian professor, who has come to Cuba to perform surgeries with a team of nurses and anesthetists, and who has donated surgical material hard to obtain.

Dewan stated that this cooperation is being extended to Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Mauritius Islands and other countries.
In this world event, which gathers over 400 scientists and experts from some 20 nations until Friday, the Australian specialist, along with colleagues from Cuba, Chile, and Colombia, will lecture on the advances of pediatric urology.

Source: ACN

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