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El Premio Flaco, Juan Carlos Cremata’s third long-feature film, is
one of the Cuban films competing for the Coral Awards of the 31 International Festival of the New Latin American Cinema.

Cremata is the director of Viva Cuba, which was included in the list of candidate films to the Oscar's nominations in 2006.

He is one of the most awarded filmmakers of the island in the past few years.

El Premio Flaco, co-directed with Iraida Malberti, is a film version of an homonymous theater play written by Cuban Hector Quintero.

The film tells the story of a woman named Iluminada (Enlightened Woman), who lives in a very humble neighborhood and has a precarious economic situation. Her life suddenly changes when she finds a prize for a new house inside a soap bar.

The cast includes some of the best Cuban actors and actresses who, according to Cremata, gave life to a project he had been dreaming of for a while.

The film was premiered on October 20 on the occasion of the Cuban National Culture Day. It is one of the most expected films by moviegoers in the festival.

Cremata told the Cuban News Agency that he hopes the film is well-accepted by the audience but pointed out that the most important reward for him is actually having being able to carry out this project which he said has been his “most ambitious
and eldest project” he has had so far.

In 2001, Cremata’s film Nada took the Coral and the Cinematographic Critics awards of the 23 Havana’s new Latin American film festival.

Five years later, his second long-feature film Viva Cuba was one of the 50 films selected as candidates to the U.S. Academy Award’s nominations. It was nominated to the Goya awards and to Mexico’s Ariel.

Source: ACN.Cu

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