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Rene Perez, of the musical group Calle 13, reported on the social web site Twitter, that they are planning to visit Havana on December 12th, but have still not received permission from U.S. authorities to travel to the island.

The Puerto Rican singer emphasized that “Cuba expects us on December 12th, but I still do not know what will happen without travel permits. We have been waiting for the last two months. I hope we receive the authorization soon.”

Puerto Rico’s daily newspaper Claridad announced that there will be live transmissions via Internet of a dinner in which “three Puerto Rican stars from theatre, music and literature will participate” -- Manuel Miranda (In the Heights), Rene Perez Joglar (Calle 13) and Mayra Montero (journalist and writer).

The documentary entitled Sin Mapa, dedicated to Calle 13, produced by Rene and Eduardo Cabra -- who won five Latin Grammies this year -- will be launched during Havana’s International Film Festival of New Latin American Cinema.

Source: ACN and Cubarte

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