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The most exotic city of Cuba, lots of different etnic groups have settled themselves in this city.

The second biggest city, after Havana. Santiago de Cuba, a city full with history of the revolution, the fight against dictator Batista The Capital of Santiago de Cuba Province, which has one of the first seven settlements that the Europeans founded in Cuba early in the 16th century, is one of the most picturesque on the island.

The founding fathers made the most of its stunning setting a coastal terrace bordering and impressive purse-like bayand used the wood from the tall forest on the nearby mountain range to raise the first buildings of what would, for several years, be
Cuba’s first capital.

That excellent site close by the Caribbean sea, with a backdrop of mountains and terrain which determined that none of the city’s street would be absolutely level is the setting of one of the most beautiful and joyous of Cuba’s cities, filled with a mixture of architectural styles which run from the baroque to the neoclassical.

July is carnival time in Santiago de Cuba, and its carnivals are the most spectacular ones in the country just as it rum is the most popular.

Santiago de Cuba has many things of which to be proud. For example, it is the cradle of nearly all the music genres of Cuba, a country in which music expresses its soul and essence. However, it is the people of Santiago de Cuba who constitute is most unmistakable aspect. These joyous, proverbially hospitable people are self-willed, are capable of carrying out the greatest feats and embody great virtues.

They are proud to live in the only city in Cuba which has been officially declared to be heroic a title bestowed on it in recognation of the extraordinary contributions that its sons and daughters made to Cuba’s Wars of independence. This is why we recommend that you get to know Santiago de Cuba trough its people lives.


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