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Cuban four-star-all-inclusive Hotel Brisas Trinidad del Mar is ready to welcome the high season period after a restoration process in which the improvement of the air conditioning systems and the comfort of rooms were top priority.

Brisas Trinidad del Mar Hotel is located a few miles away from Trinidad city.

Even though the world economic crisis and the A (H1N1) flu have seriously affected the growth rate of international tourism, this hotel has continued working and it is ready to welcome more visitors during the upcoming months.

Brisas Trinidad del Mar Hotel is located a few miles away from Trinidad city, in central Cuba, and near Ancon beach and the Escambray mountains. It is a historic enclave enriched by its cultural values.

The 240-room hotel offers some facilities such as several options like car rental, sport areas, bar, Jacuzzi, karaoke, e-mail and fax services, medical care and snack bar among others.

Its location near The Holy Village of Trinidad, is an added bonus due to the fact that the city was founded in 1514 and it is placed among the first seven founded by the Spaniards in Cuba.

The Museum City, as it is also known, is privileged due to its colonial status and because it is regarded as one of the best preserved architectural jewels within the American continent and the city was declared UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1988.

There are other hotels in the region such as Costasur, a symbol of sun and beach tourism which comprises 140 rooms, some of them located in colonial bungalows; Las Cuevas, named after the caverns found on the hill where it was built more than 4 decades ago; Ancon, located in the peninsula named the same way and villa Maria Dolores where the habits and entertainments of local farmers are featured.


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