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Cinema world figures from Latin America and Europe will decide the Coral awards of Havana's International Festival of New Latin American Cinema that will take from December 3-13.

  Filmmakers from several generations compose the juries, as Argentinian Juan Jose Jusid (Assasination in the Nation's Senate), Venezuelan Luis Alberto Lamata (Miranda Returns) and Cuban Daniel Diaz Torres (Pretending to be Swede), and others with more recent works, as Brazilian Lucia Murat (Mare, a Love Story) and Ecuadorian  Tania Hermida.

  The former is one of the new filmmakers, a graduate from the International Cinema and Television School in Cuban San Antonio de Los Baños municipality and winner of a Coral award, with her first work, How Far, in 2006.

  Othe prestigious figures are Mexican actress Arcelia Ramirez ("As Water to Chocolate," "Coriander and Parsley" and "The Comet"), Chilean Gonzalo Justiniano ("Toffee or Mint" and B-Happy"), and art director, Cuban designer and costume supervisor Derubin Jacome ("The Beauty of the Alambra" and "A Successful Man").

In the festival, 104 films will compete in the different categories, which included Latin America, first copy in 2008, a section of the Industry sector, sponsored by the Venezuelan Cinema and Audiovisual Means Platform and the Cuban Institute of Cinematographic Art and Industry.

 A list of the jury members is posted below:




Lucia Murat (Brazsil)


Arcelia Ramirez (Mexico)


Juan Jose Jusid (Argentina).


 Derubin Jacome (Cuba).


 Pedro Zaratiegui (Spain)


First Work:


Tania Hermida (Ecuador)


Gonzalo Justiniano (Chile)


Enrique Alvarez (Cuba).


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