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In accordance with the workforce strategy, it is estimated that 37 brigades with 1 707 macheteros will be at the sugarcane fields in the beginnings of January to start a short but efficient harvest season.

The first breaking the ice will be the Harlem mill from Bahia Honda, and then the 30 de Noviembre in San Cristobal, which is expected to grind the production from Lincoln sugar mill, located in Havana province.

The Cuban Workers Federation (CTC) declares itself for an analysis with the workers in order to improve three main indexes that were not favourable in previous campaigns such as the attendance to the field, the accomplishment of the task and the productivity per man.

One of the goals is to increase productivity at 62 percent so as to eradicate the generalized opinion that Pinar del Rio is among the regions with lower results in the country.

The Provincial Administration Council (CAP) evaluated the organization of the workforces and they are expected to be ready for December 23 in the occasion of the 51st anniversary of the Revolution.

Ernesto Barreto Castillo, president of the CAP, recognized the support of Commerce, the Electrical Union Company and Public Health, although there are many others that take part choosing and readying the brigades.

It was noted the need to combine the cultural attention to the plantations as a guarantee to the next harvest season.

That means each territory should define beforehand the Sunday voluntary mobilizations to support the sugar companies taking a balance work for the weekends.



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