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The CD will be on the market at the beginning of 2010, published by the Cuban label Egrem.

"Horizonte proximo" the long-awaited album by Sur Caribe Orchestra (who gained international fame with "Añoranza por la Conga") is just on, in exclusive world pre-launch mp3, to be downloaded.

"Horizonte próximo" is a great album to dance and to listen and it offers a new quality standard in Sur Caribe´s musical work destined to an international panorama.

Leyva proposes atmospheres and sounds of extraordinary impact. He shows a rare ability to mix different genres such as conga, pop, salsa, bachata and a new "cubaton" (reggaeton mixed with conga) into one style, but keeping the trademark of Sur Caribe:
high-powered Cuban rhythms, elegance and great harmonies.

The 14 tracks of the album gather emblematic personalities of the Cuban music: Juan Formell (first time ever singing without Los Van Van), Omara Portuondo (winner of the Latin Grammy 2009 Tropical Music) and the pianist Frank Fernández, all those
present in the song "Sí".

Also featuring: guitar player Elmer Ferrer ("Bonito Bonito", conga), singers Coco Freeman, Enrique Bonne and Elvis Manuel ("Ella y ustedes dos") last recording from the young reggaeton star, who disappeared last year.

It´s hard to predict the best hits: the traditional conga "Arrollando por la ciudad", or "Bonito Bonito", (conga-pop), or "Donde mi cubana" (conga-house); or "Sí" (popular-symphonic) or the cubaton "Ella y ustedes dos", or the Cuban Son "Todo por
el Son". Probably, the whole CD will be a new hit of the Cuban Music 2010. The album includes three video clips: "Arrollando por la ciudad", "Bonito Bonito" (recorded in London) and "Donde mi Cubana".

Ricardo Leyva was widely known for the public audience when he mixed conga with violins in his famous piece "Añoranza por la Conga" (Yearning for Conga), a wonderful work that make Cubans lovetheir homeland even more.

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