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A novel procedure for the surgery of cataracts has been generally applied in Camaguey province, the specialists consider it  is a high-priority goal to lend this service, at the Ophthalmological Center of this territory.

Dionysius Lage Castro, chief of staff, emphasized that this is a surgical procedure solely used in the industrialized countries, and it is based on a less invasive operation where complications are minimal and patients experience a speedy recovery.

A qualified team of specialists works in the Service of Cataract of the Oftalmological Center in Camagüey, among  them; doctors Zureya Martínez, Gely Rivero, Elías Cardoso and Yasmani Avila, and nurses Yurilia César Villegas and Yaima Alfonso.

In the current year, the medical staff of this unit has operated more than one thousand persons from cataracts, furthermore, glaucoma and retina patients have been operated as well.  


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