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Doctor Alvarez Cambra, a household name in Cuba, said his biggest dream was to create what today is the Frank Pais International Orthopedic Scientific Complex, under his direction nowadays, which came true thanks to the Revolution and its leader Fidel Castro.

Practicing in a hospital with the resources and to offer your services for free is the dream renowned Cuban orthopedist Rodrigo Alvarez Cambras said he is living.

The scientist recalled his beginnings as a medical student at the Calixto Garcia hospital, in this capital, at a time with poor people didn’t have free access to healthcare.

Now he finds pleasure in his job at the Frank Pais, a work acknowledged all over the world for his contributions to the orthopaedic science and the rehabilitation of well-known sportspeople like Olympic champions Alberto Juantorena, Teófilo Stevenson, Mireya Luis and more recently volleyball player Michael Sanchez.

All Cuban athletes have free access to the Sports Trauma Center, located within the Complex, but in many parts of the world you need to have money to go to similar clinics, which are also private, he said.

Alvarez Cambras, head of the National Orthopedic and Trauma Group, highlighted the importance of keeping the remaining capacities during the rehabilitation of a sportsperson for his quick reinstatement to the training and praised the human treatment and love they receive.

His paper “Sport lesions” captured the attention of the delegates at the 3rd International Convention on Physical Activity and Sports underway at the Conventions Palace in this capital.

Source: ACN

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